Monday, 27 January 2014

Split personality sewing

The enjoyment I get from making clothes is entirely different from quilting. It's really odd, but I am much more process driven when dressmaking. I think it might be because I sew clothes universally from patterns, and I quilt mostly improvisationally (or from my own designs).
Sleepover pyjamas - Oliver & S

I want quilts to be finished already so that I can see whether they look like they did in my head. Dressmaking, on the other hand, is for savouring.
Pocket detail, Ice Cream Dress - Oliver & S

Obsessively tidy edge stitching, hyper neat seam finishing, french seams when I can - that's what I love. But give me a quilt where the points have to match and I will be swearing and sighing with the best of them.
Hand-picked zip, Starling Dress - Clever Charlotte

Word of the week: meticulous. I'm not making that the word for the year. I know my limits.


  1. Interesting observation. I like the way the fox can be zipped in half! Di x

  2. I'm slightly worried you're going to unzip that to show fox innards ;o) I find dressmaking rather tortuous, but I really swear at pointy quilt blocks lol That's why improv is my preferred style too ;o)

  3. I'm just so impressed with everything you do, you're amazing- so swear and sigh away, the results are incredibly awesome!

  4. Well you certainly nailed the word of the week!

  5. Gosh, those are some seriously neat details! I would love to make more time for dressmaking, although I lack your patience to get perfect finishes...

  6. Oooh, I'm seriously itching to do some sewing, it's been at least three weeks since I did any. Maybe tonight is the night....

  7. Hand sewing a zip. Now there's and idea. Ta :)
    These photos all look something for me to aspire to once I start that pile of clothes. Maybe I should borrow your pics for a "this is what it SHOULD look like post"


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