Saturday, 16 June 2012

Muscle memory

I was tidying the living room the other day (trust me, it doesn't happen very often) and rediscovered the giant granny square blanket that I started making about two years ago. I'm not sure why it got forgotten, but it has been sitting in a basket under the coffee table for a very long time. There was no way, I thought, that I would be able to pick it up and carry on without going back and relearning how to crochet. Surely a two-year hiatus would have erased my extremely limited crochet skills. I was amazed, and a bit relieved, that my hands remembered what to do, even if my brain didn't. That kind of thing fascinates me.
It's about 34 inches square at the moment, and I think I have enough yarn to squeeze out another three colours, if I am lucky. It needs to be blocked within an inch of its life - my tension is not what it should be. Its pinned into submission in this photo, and it doesn't look very happy about it!
Annie (from my favourite online fabric shop, The Village Haberdasherygave me a mini charm pack of the new Kona colours a couple of weeks ago. I have a bit of a thing for colour order (I know, you'd never guess) and had great fun this morning playing around with some teeny half-square triangles (they finished at 1 1/4 inches). I love the shrapnel you get after you trim - I often wonder whether I could actually make anything with it. And then I realise that no, no you can't. Makes a good photo though.
This mini quilt is destined for a secret recipient, as a thank you for various things. I hope she likes it. I'm not sure the kids will be too happy about me giving it away!
A few of us from the LMQG are off to John Lewis tomorrow to see our mini-quilt exhibition. I'm really excited to see them on display. Today John Lewis, tomorrow the V&A! Well, a girl can dream, right?


  1. OMW that mini is fantastic - I just swoooooned!
    See you in the morning

  2. Beautiful! I knew I put that mini charm pack in the right hands!

  3. Love it, have fun tomorrow.

  4. Oh you did great at the mini, the crochet looks fab; not cleaning the lounge for two years, priceless!

    Take lots of pics at John Lewis please x

  5. What a pretty mini quilt. No wonder they want to keep it!

  6. Love the look of both of those projects. The colours in your granny square go together so well. And the mini quilt really pops.
    A quilt show in John Lewis? Very cool :)

  7. Love the mini, have fun at the exhibition. I'm impressed with your crochet too - I can't crochet to save myself!

  8. Love your mini! You did a superb job placing your HSTs!

  9. Great mini and love your ambition - take it you want your work on display not just to visit then!/

  10. Love some of those new kona colours, especially the orange- have never found he perfect orange solid, i like it kind of pumpkinish(!) in fact the hope valley fiesta orange is just my perfect orange- how do they measure up?!

    1. they are lovely - really rich colours. I'd take another look at them for you, but it's gone to its new home!


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