Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A herd* of handbags

*not the actual collective noun for handbags

I have a new 241 tote, following an unfortunate incident with a ballpoint pen last week. Those pens look like they have only a tiny amount of ink inside, but BOY does it go a long way when they leak. I can't say that I am too disappointed though, because I used my favourite Flea Market Fancy print and a lot more interfacing than last time (including fusible fleece) and am really pleased with its relative sturdiness.

It is my big girl's bat mitzvah this weekend and I *need* a little clutch bag to take to synagogue. I have a serious lack of smartish bags (to be honest, I have a pretty serious lack of smartish anything), so had a rummage around on the interwebs and found this tutorial for a cute little zippered clutch. My dress is black and white, so I used some of the Summersville I had left over from the placemats and came up with this:

which I really like, but decided wasn't quite smart enough. Something about the zip, I think.

So I went to that excellent collection of downloadable bag patterns that is Keyka Lou and decided on the Pocket Clutch. What a fantastic pattern - really well written and good value, especially when you consider that it comes with a license to sell. I broke into the Hope Valley stash (whimper) and ended up with this adorable little clutchlet.
Once again, the massive button hoard came up trumps. That's three buttons used out of about eleventy billion. This pouch is the perfect size to hold all of those (religiously inappropriate) items that I need for synagogue like my car keys, mobile phone and lipstick. I am so going to hell.

I picked up a fat quarter of Curious Nature from The Village Haberdashery the other day, not realising (because I am a muppet) that it was black and blue, not black and white, and so wouldn't go with my dress. It's such a lovely print that I thought I would use it anyway and had a go at the Buttercup Bag, which has been knocking around in my favourites for approximately forever. 
It's hard to see because of the pattern, but there are little pleats in the body of the bag. It tucks just under your arm and looks really cute. I'll use it if ever get to go out without the kids, and don't need my usual massive bag-o-crap. One day. One day.

Sew Sweetness


  1. Were you suppose to be working when you were making all of these beauties??

    I don't think people go to hell anymore, I thought they had changed it to limbo ;-)

  2. Love all of your bags. I once had a biro explode down my bra, took forever to fade... I'm a massive fan of Keyka Lou inspired me to whip up a bag this weekend! X

  3. Congrats to your eldest girl on her bar mitzvah! I love all your bags, totes and clutches!!

  4. I don't think I've ever heard of a 'bat' mitzvah before...sounds spooky ;-)

  5. Oh I am totally in love with your 241, I think I will blatantly rip off your fabric combo, as I have those too!
    As for 'destination Hell', nothing to do with the contents of your clutch Mrs!
    Love all your makes - you and Kelly are the bag ladies!

  6. You'll be in such good company down in the warm toasty place methinks ;o)

  7. Hi Charlotte. I have the 241 tote pattern but haven't got round to making it yet. Yours is lovely. Still quilting the second group sibling quilt, I'm not as fast as you! Not sure what to do about a label though.

  8. Loving all your bags, do hope your daughter has a wonderful mitzvah!

    1. thanks Ruth! I can't believe she is old enough!

  9. The saying 'going to hell in a hand cart' should be changed to 'going to hell with a hand bag'! ;x

    They all look awesome btw.

  10. So what is the collective noun for bags? Perhaps a clutch? Oh I'm cracking myself up with my awful pun :o)

    They're all lovely, but I especially love the FMF one - gorgeous!

  11. All lovely, Charlotte. Wish I'd know you were on a handbag making mission, would have snaffled one for the family wedding I'm going to this weekend! Started off with similar thoughts of making one but just not had the time. Hope all goes well with the bat mitzvah.

  12. The Curious Nature bag looks great! I have only been thinking of these as "man" fabrics, but it really works. Also LOVE that Hope Valley fabric in the clutch. Well done as always!

  13. Blimey they are all gorgeous.
    I am in love with your 241. I so need to make me one of these fantastic bags. If only I could muster the will to print out the pattern and stick it all together :0S
    Hope your daughter's BM goes well.

  14. your pouch for shul is just perfect...just make sure your phone is switched off!! Mazel tov and hope you have a fabulous weekend and all goes well x

    ps loving all your bags and have just pulled some fabric out to make Noodlehead's Go Anywhere Bag! Curious Nature fabric works beautifuly with the Buttercup Bag

  15. Love them all - but the 241 is heaven! Didn't know old Lucifer had the exclusive rights on all the best bags - new one on me!

  16. Well, I love your "herd"!! Once I started following an artist who did an alphabet series of note cards based on the collective names. She had me at "smack of jellyfish," which is what she named her company. Anyway, your handbags, clutches--all really great!!

  17. I know I'm going to spend the entire day (at work) thinking about the collective noun for handbags! Wow, you've been busy - I especially love the little clutch, very smart. After years of making bags I find myself completely unable to buy myself a bag, even when I see one I really like - always have to make them. I guess there's the satisfaction element!


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