Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The postman actually did ring twice

Seriously. He really did. Although the first time it was actually the FedEx man with the moo cards that I ordered at the last minute and had to pay extra for shipping so they would be here in time for the retreat. I'm going to be handing these things out like sweeties, whether people want them or not. I have to justify the courier charge somehow.
The second time it was the real postman with a package all the way from California. Inside was the most beautiful mini quilt from Dorrie, my partner in the DS Quilts doll quilt swap. The quilting is amazing - Dorrie says she did it on her long arm. She had better watch out, because I might just turn up on her doorstep with a whole load of quilt tops and stay for a couple of weeks. She also included some lovely fabric and a packet of m&ms (my favourite). Now, I'm not saying that they got opened immediately, but it's possible that I kept the almost-empty package for photography purposes. Ahem.
What a great post day! I feel very lucky indeed. Thank you, Dorrie!


  1. Moo card swap! Yay!

    Lovely mini and extras. Looks like you did well in that swap.

  2. Hee hee, glad I wasn't the only last minute moo-er!

    Loving the swap package too :o)

  3. Love those moo cards. What a lovely swap.....great mini quilt!

  4. Ohh we can swap moo's ;-) Gorgeous mini and extra's!

  5. Hello! Lovely swap, the doll quilt is really nice! Jolana


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