Wednesday, 25 April 2012

WIP Wednesday

Lucy, who is 9, came home from school yesterday proudly waving her "Pen Licence". It looks just like a driving licence, with a photo and everything, and means that she is now allowed to use a fountain pen instead of a pencil at school. One (pink) fountain pen duly purchased, all that she needed was a pencil case. 

I had seen a lovely boxed pouch over at Mommy's Nap Time, and Emily very kindly shared some tips with me this morning on the best way to go about making one. I still managed to totally stuff up my first attempt, of course. It's not completely useless, but is really wide and shallow and not quite the look I was going for. I'm sure Lucy will find a use for it though. She does seem to have an endless requirement for little bags to put stuff in.
Attempt number one. A bit flat!
I had another go, of course, and ended up with something much better. I think that what I really needed was a much longer zip. I only had 9 inch ones and that made it a bit complicated. I used this tutorial, and the pouch is properly lined with all the seams hidden.  I also made her a little tiny matching drawstring pouch to keep her cartridges in. What a good mummy I am!
much more what I was going for!
Also this week I basted my mum's quilt, with the obligatory help from the cat.
I've started hand-quilting it in a whole load of different patterns and colours of thread. I'm really enjoying it - the variety gets rid of the tedium factor nicely!

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  1. A 'Pen License' that's so fantastic! Top marks to you too, fab pencil case.

  2. Lucy, as a girl will have an infinite need for purses and pouches; the more the better I say!
    Mum's quilt is looking good x

  3. I like both versions. I'm pretty sure I would fail my pen license test if I had to take one ;-)

  4. I think they both look great! Would never have worked for me though, being white based, I always got ink on EVERYTHING lol

  5. A pen license! That's funny and totally cute. I think we'll have to award those in our family homeschool as well =)


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