Saturday, 21 April 2012

I get there eventually

I've been wanting to make a new handbag for myself for, oh, about three years. It's funny, because I usually make decisions really quickly, but for some reason I just couldn't make my mind up. There are too many options. Fabrics. Patterns. Zips (or not). 

The 241 Tote pattern has been popping up all over blogland for ages, and has been high on my "probably this one" list for just as long. It took this fabulous bag by Kelly to finally push me over the edge. That, and the fact that she told me I wouldn't regret it. Kelly, I took you at your word. Luckily for both of us you were right ;-)
It's a fantastic pattern. Really well written and easy to follow. And the bag itself is a lovely size - not too big, but definitely large enough to hold the seemingly endless amount of crap that I schlepp around on a daily basis. I've cleaned out all the old receipts, empty chocolate wrappers and pine cones and sticks (remember, I have a six-year-old) for the purposes of these photos, of course. 
The fabric is from one of the Denyse Schmidt collections for Joann's. Now I have made this bag I want to make about a gazillion more in loads of different fabrics. The problem is that I can only carry one at a time. Maybe I will print the pattern at 75% or so and make a couple for my girls. That will give me my fix without ending up with more bags than one human being could possibly need, although I'm sure many women would say there is no such thing.


  1. Ok, it must be my turn to finally make one! I was inspired by Helen's, then Kelly's and now yours! Maybe that will be todays project...? Yours is beautiful :) Awesome!

  2. Oh it's a beauty, but you knew I would say that!
    The one I made for Cindy was at 50%, and the top stitching became a bit 'sweary', but I reckon 75% would be neat x

  3. what a fabulous bag! I always think of bags (other than the very simple) as tricky to make but seeing yours and Kelly's I think I shall just have to try.

    1. thanks Ruth! Give it a go - it's really not tricky at all :-D

  4. Pretty! I've shrunk the pattern to a couple of different sizes, and need to make them up for a review for a series in June, I'll let you know how it goes!

  5. I told you so!!!! It looks gorgeous.

  6. it's lovely! And I'm not sure, but doesn't the purchasing of a noodlehead (it is a noodlehead pattern?) pattern also give you the licence to sell them? You could get your fix, and make some money!

  7. Fabulous bag, Charlotte, love the fabrics. I can see why you'd want to make more of them, it's a great design. And gorgeous quilts in your previous posts too - clever lady!


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