Sunday, 18 March 2012

It's all about the journey

Or so they say.
I've completed all but two of my rose stars. Just to mix things up a little I thought I would start to sew them together. I've opted for plain white as the background , given the huge number of prints and colours in the blocks themselves. That and the fact that I am terminally indecisive. Oh, and I have a load of white ikea sheets lying around just waiting to be cut up. I use them a lot when I need plain colours, as the backing and binding here and here, the sashing here and here, and in these cushions. They are really cheap, and unlike other (fancier) sheets are about the same weave as quilting cottons. 
Each of the blocks took about three hours from start to finish. There are 27 of them. I don't want to do that maths. I have really enjoyed sewing them; handstitching is so relaxing and sociable (relatively). It's so lovely that they are all basically the same, and yet so completely different.

Sewing them all together into a quilt top though - that might be a different story!


  1. Looks gorgeous - got to love Ikea for cheap fabric.

  2. Oh my GOSH but they are looking amazing joined up. Keep going, keep going!!!

  3. I just found your pic via flickr - I am totally in love with these! It will be a completely amazing quilt :o)Oh and I just started following you (my Lizzy House obsession made me do it ;o) )

  4. Hey how exciting to see someone else in the Rose Star block party is doing a full quilt! I just finished about # 29 in my group of blocks and I don't know how many I am going to need in the end. Hate trying to figure with "math" but I am wondering about the "half blocks I see you have in your flickr pages. How many of those have you done? It all looks so cool! thanks for sharing your progress.

  5. I like the white background. It gives a good contrast with the blocks and helps highlight the stars - they are so pretty! Worth it and fun - you'll enjoy sewing the blocks together, too.


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