Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I hate keeping secrets

A couple of weeks ago on Flickr I was lamenting the impossibility of getting hold of Denyse Schmidt's range of fabrics for Joann's here in the UK, when the extremely lovely Kaelin (of Plaid Scottie fame) piped up with a very generous offer to buy some and ship it to me.

I was completely bowled over, and of course practically bit her hand off in my rush to say yes.

When someone does something so lovely for you it's only polite to do something for them in return so, knowing how much Kaelin loves her scottie dog (the hilariously named Sir Whiskers MacTavish), I decided to make her a little mini quilt in his honour.
It took forever to get all the way over the Atlantic, but it finally arrived earlier this week so I can share it at last. The design was based on a mini quilt from Sarah Fielke's 'Quilting from Little Things', which featured the silhouette of a bird. I cheated a bit and went for machine rather than needle turn applique, which scares me pantsless, frankly!
A bit of hand-quilting with perle cotton and he was off to his new home. Thank you again, Kaelin. You are so kind!


  1. I love it so much!!!! And Sir Whiskers just had a bath last night (because he got into some burrs and his fur was crazy matted - argh!), so he looks almost as pretty (err - pardon me, Whiskers just gave me a look that I should correct that to "handsome") as the applique version now ;)

  2. What a wonderful & thoughtful gift :D:D


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