Friday, 10 February 2012

Good advice, all round

I made a couple of embroideries for my girls last year, but never quite managed to get around to making one for the boy. I've been collecting ideas on Pinterest for ages, and finally settled on this one.

I love marking stitching patterns and lines with these pens. The ink disappears with heat, so a quick swipe with an iron (or a wave over the toaster) and you get another go at the design. Be warned - they really don't last very long and they are pretty expensive so keep them away from the kids in case they get addicted to them.

We have snow on the ground and a fire burning. I'm off to finish stitching.


  1. Ooh hello there you are blogging hoorah!!

  2. Lovely! (Careful though with those pens and strongly coloured fabrics, I use them to and have been left with white marks sometimes :( )

    1. thanks so much for the tip - I'll watch out for that :-/


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